Ford government to introduce housing legislation immediately after the municipal election: ministry

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The Ford government will introduce housing legislation the day after Ontario's municipal election, the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing said Friday.

The confirmation comes after The Toronto Star reported Thursday the Ford government plans to "override" municipal zoning laws to allow more "middle missing" housing to be built across Ontario. The changes, the Star reports citing officials, will not permit housing development on the Greenbelt.

Ford previously announced his government would aim to build 1.5 million more homes in the next 10 years, which was a goal recommended by a government-commissioned housing task force report earlier this year to address soaring house prices.

Before his current term, Ford said most municipalities are "slow to approve projects," and cited the pace of municipal construction approvals as a barrier to making housing more affordable.   

Opposition parties react to possible legislation

The NDP, the Ford government's official opposition, said it couldn't comment fully before the legislation is released.

"The devil is in the details," said housing critic Jessica Bell Friday, at a news conference.

However, the party is calling for a housing plan that includes an end to exclusionary zoning, more housing construction, clamping down on investor speculation and rent control.

"We need a comprehensive approach to make housing affordable for current Ontarians, as well as new Ontarians that are planning on calling our province home," said Bell.

Ontario Green Party leader Mike Schreiner called for similar measures as the NDP and also highlighted the need for investments in social, co-op, non-profit and permanent supportive housing.

"If the government fails to listen to what the experts are saying and what the Ontario Greens have been calling for, I have the whole suite of private members' bills ready to be introduced to address this crisis in the failure of government action," said Schreiner. 

Source: CBC

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